Alight Design’s Coming in Hot!

Hello! We are Alight Design. Haven’t heard of us? Well, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a top-flight team of content wizards, UX researchers, and design do-er’s from the best creative agencies and design-forward health and fintech companies in the world. Our design purpose every day is to empower people in their wellbeing to win the future of worklife.

Speaking of work-life, let’s introduce you to the enterprise technology experience guaranteed to drive value through personalized interactions. Launched in April 2021, Alight Worklife is the next step in Alight’s industry-leading technology services, bringing an even better employee experience (EX) to workers everywhere. Our team listened to the pain points employees commonly have accessing traditional HR apps. In fact, we found 40% of employees experience symptoms of burn out at work. We took that stat to heart and developed an experience that’s smarter and smoother than anything else on the market. Powered by analytics and life-centered design, Alight Worklife offers users an easier way to access everything they need to live their best at work and in life. Check out our product page here.

The benefits don’t stop there, however. Now that employees have a more dynamic and personalized experience at their fingertips, organizations can harness data-driven insights into how their workers engage with HR and their benefits. This means companies can see first-hand what’s working and what isn’t as they improve their overall EX and culture. As events of the past year have shown, having an active pulse on your people’s health, wealth, and wellbeing is more paramount than ever before.

With Alight Worklife, our team now has the blueprint to shape a variety of developments coming down the pike. Including mobile apps, websites, and a brand-new design system that will consistently inform upcoming products within the Worklife experience. If this sounds interesting to you, we couldn’t agree more. So, do yourself a favor and clap and follow us here on Medium for all things trending at Alight Design!